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Basic QoS part 1 – Traffic Policing and Shaping on Cisco IOS Router

September 19, 2012 14 comments

In this post I will talk about Cisco Router QoS and more particularly Traffic Shaping and Traffic Policing. I will describe and show how to configure Traffic Shaping and Traffic Policing using the legacy methods but also using the new methods. In this post I will neither talk about Frame Relay Traffic Shaping nor Frame Relay Traffic Policing which I will try to cover in another post. For now on I will use TS for Traffic Shaping and TP for Traffic Policing.

 To illustrate the different examples in this post I will use the following topology:


 Platform/IOS: Cisco 2691/12.4(15)T11 Adv IP services.

 Side note: Please note that I am using IOS version older than 12.4(20)T so I will not talk about the new QoS model of Cisco which is called Hierarchical QoS (HFQ). I will only be using CBWFQ (Class-Based Weighed Fair Queuing) which is the previous version of MQC (Modular Quality of Service Command Line Interface) used by Cisco Router up to 12.4(20)T. Note that in the current CCIE R&S LAB v4.0 Cisco is using IOS image 12.4(15)T which uses CBWFQ as QoS model. Also in IOS version from 12.4(20)T and above as IOS image is using HFQ, many features differ from CBWFQ such as the queuing mechanisms, show outputs, etc.

 Addressing: All the IP addresses are configured as shown on the diagram.

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