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PfR (Cisco Performance Routing)

October 15, 2012 11 comments

In this post I would like to explore PfR (Cisco Performance Routing) earlier called OER (Optimized Edge Routing). I will start with an introduction by presenting what is PfR and the goals of it and I will finally demonstrate how to configure basic PfR. To illustrate the different configuration examples I will use the following topology:


 Side note: As I am using IOS 12.4 (15)T, PfR is configured with OER commands. In this IOS version PfR is not mature. So if you want to use PfR in production you should use IOS 15.0 and up after. The keyword PfR has been introduced in IOS release 15.1(2)T. From simplicity I will use the term PfR instead of OER even if I am configuring PfR in version earlier than 15.1(2)T.

Platform/IOS: Cisco 2691/12.4(15)T11 Adv IP services.

IGP for Spoke site: EIGRP 10

IGP for Hub site: EIGRP 10

 Both sites use eBGP to peer with their respective ISP. R2 is running eBGP over the GRE tunnel path and iBGP with R1.

Scenario: The Hub location is hosting a Citrix server and a HTTP server. Citrix traffic should always be routed over the MPLS path via R1 while HTTP traffic should be routed over the GRE tunnel via R2. The Voice traffic between the two locations should be routed over the MPLS path via R1.

  •  If the voice traffic delay goes over 300 ms, voice traffic should be moved to the GRE tunnel path via R2
  • The HTTP traffic should only be routed through the GRE tunnel path as long as this path is up and running
  • If the MPLS link utilization goes over 50 % move only the Citrix traffic to the GRE tunnel path via R2

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Status update

August 5, 2012 1 comment

It has almost been 5 months since my last post on Multicast and that is a huge time not blogging. It is going so fast and although I have wished to make more posts I couldn´t have done it as I have been so busy with the CCIE training. This training is just incredible, I have spent more than 700 hours until now and it has just been crazy trying to stick to the study plan I have made in January when I started my journey! I am proud to say that I haven´t lost a single week until now which is quite good because I have also been busy with work.  I have missed a lot the fact that I couldn´t blog on some topics which I was not comfortable with but I just couldn´t do the training and blogging at the same time.

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