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Basic Multicast part 4 – PIM Sparse Mode – BSR and Multicast Security

September 11, 2012 4 comments

Continuing with Multicast topic I will talk this time about PIM BSR (Bootstrap Router) which is an alternative way to advertise dynamic RP information. We saw in the previous posts on Multicast that the RP information could be configured statically or dynamically with Auto-RP. Auto-RP is a legacy mechanism which is neither part of the PIMv2 standard nor used in IPv6 Multicast. The issue with Auto-RP is that it uses specific multicast groups to propagate the RP information which gives some challenge in NBMA partially meshed networks and some methods are needed in order to allow the Multicast Auto-RP control plane traffic to be propagate everywhere.

BSR (Bootstrap Router) which is part of PIMv2 standard and used in IPv6 Multicast is similar to Auto-RP but the RP information is not disseminate using Multicast group but instead this information is encapsulated in PIM packets.

 I will also talk about some Multicast security features that can be used in order to protect the Multicast domain.

 Before reading further I invite you to read my previous post on Multicast PIM Sparse Mode if you are not familiar with PIM SM.

 I will use the same network topology as I did in my previous posts on Multicast. Let´s consider the following topology:

Source: The multicast source will be sending to multicast group which is part of the administratively scoped addresses assigned by IANA which is for use in private multicast domains, much like the IP unicast range defined in RFC 1918.

RP: The RP is R4 with IP:

BSR: The Bootstrap router is R3 with IP

IGP: The IGP used is EIGRP

Platform/IOS: Cisco 2691/12.4(15)T11 Adv IP services

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