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Status update

August 5, 2012 1 comment

It has almost been 5 months since my last post on Multicast and that is a huge time not blogging. It is going so fast and although I have wished to make more posts I couldn´t have done it as I have been so busy with the CCIE training. This training is just incredible, I have spent more than 700 hours until now and it has just been crazy trying to stick to the study plan I have made in January when I started my journey! I am proud to say that I haven´t lost a single week until now which is quite good because I have also been busy with work.  I have missed a lot the fact that I couldn´t blog on some topics which I was not comfortable with but I just couldn´t do the training and blogging at the same time.

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Planing the CCIE training

January 19, 2012 4 comments

I think that it is really important to make a good planing before getting started with the lab training. A good planing will help you to keep the rhythm along your journey. It is really important to know how to make breaks and to relax your brain. What I did before starting is to make a one year planing following INE´s instructor Petr Lapukhov training plan for the CCIE R&S V4.0. In order to make this plan I used MS Project. It gives an overview over the whole training which force your to meet your goals and keep the pace. For example if everything goes as planed I will take the lab in mid of december 2012. Of course there will always be some delay but I will try as much as I can to stick to the plan.

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