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Status Update

December 22, 2012 Leave a comment

I am studying hard for my next attempt! I am feeling that I am improving and I am getting closer. I also want to say that when I was in San Jose in November I attempted the INE CCIE R&S bootcamp taught by Brian Dennis and it was fantastic. I have learned so much from this bootcamp. I donĀ“t want to make a review on the bootcamp as there are quite few on the Internet already but I just want to say that Brian Dennis is a really good teacher apart from being a 5xCCIE! He is a great person which loves what he is doing. Actually I was not expecting too much from the bootcamp because I have been disappointed in the past by many teachers but I have to admit that this time I have been amazingly surprised by the quality of the teaching. When I am studying I always remember some moments from the bootcamp where Brian was explaining how things work and why they work this way. Actually when I did my first attempt I used different techniques that I have learned during the bootcamp. For example, it may sounds really basic but you should always make sure to have IP connectivity before starting to configure any routing protocols by pinging on all the devices and compare the results with your L3 diagram. It can save you some time later!

So thanks INE and Brian for delivering such a quality training šŸ˜‰



Status update

August 5, 2012 1 comment

It has almost been 5 months since my last post on Multicast and that is a huge time not blogging. It is going so fast and although I have wished to make more posts I couldnĀ“t have done it as I have been so busy with the CCIE training. This training is just incredible, I have spent more than 700 hours until now and it has just been crazy trying to stick to the study plan I have made in January when I started my journey! I am proud to say that I havenĀ“t lost a single week until now which is quite good because I have also been busy with work. Ā I have missed a lot the fact that I couldnĀ“t blog on some topics which I was not comfortable with but I just couldnĀ“t do the training and blogging at the same time.

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Planing the CCIE training

January 19, 2012 4 comments

I think that it is really important to make a good planing before getting started with the lab training. A good planing will help you to keep the rhythm along your journey. It is really important to know how to make breaks and to relax your brain. What I did before starting is to make a one year planing following INEĀ“s instructor Petr Lapukhov training plan for the CCIE R&S V4.0. In order to make this plan I used MS Project. It gives an overview over the whole training which force your to meet your goals and keep the pace. For example if everything goes as planed I will take the lab in mid of december 2012. Of course there will always be some delay but I will try as much as I can to stick to the plan.

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LetĀ“s get started with Lab training!

December 28, 2011 Leave a comment

So I can finally start to train for the CCIE R&S lab! I am excited to getting started. I have chosen to go with INE study material as I have a strong feeling that it is a professional company.

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CCIE R&S V4.0 Exam explained in depth

November 9, 2011 1 comment

I found a really good document from Cisco which explains the CCIE R&S 4.0 in details with statistics about CCIE, Cisco IOU, how the CCIE is graded, the different sections of the CCIE lab exam and finally some examples on which type of Configuration/troubleshooting topics to expect at the lab.

Here is the link to the document: CCIE R&S V4.0 explained in depth